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  3. this record is currently changing my (josh’s) life


  4. "Without Bjork’s dramatic vocal to draw the spotlight, the band opens a lot of space in the song, especially in the second half when the bass dances to higher and higher octaves, allowing the melody, delicately handled by Arntzen, to cascade into the stratosphere."


  5. October 6/7 CANCELED

    sorry everyone, the clinic and gig are canceled, hopefully we’ll reschedule for the new year. 


  6. Thank goodness for Peter Hum’s blog/twitter feed, and the job it does keeping the Canadian jazz scene present in peoples minds!

    Here is his review of ‘New Dream’

    “When its members are able to unite, the band throws off big musical sparks, as brightly or moreso than any of their Canadian peers of their generation.”


    October 5th - Capilano University 11:30am (Clinic)

    October 6th - 1067 Vancouver (gig)



  9. "These are musicians who are not afraid to go “outside”, but their process is so smart, and so measured, that most listeners will have no difficulty hanging on for the ride."


  10. "it’s mature, expansive and more surprising than you would think after a few years apart."